Garfield is a daily comic strip that has been published since June 19, 1978. The most widely syndicated strip in the world, it details the life of the titular fat, sarcastic orange tabby cat who lives for laziness and lasagna.

December 8th, 1985

After eating lots of food together, Garfield and Jon go to the park to show off their fat. Ga851208

May 5th, 1987

While on a diet, Garfield dreams about eating everything (including Jon.) Ga870517

August 28th, 1990

Garfield drinks the six casses of soda pop then he burps so loud.


July 14th, 1992

Garfield, with a belly bloated from eating imagines how'd he look without his stomach. The thought of that disturbs him, and he thinks it's better off to have his fat. Tumblr m6p924QQzI1ru642no1 1280

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