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FoxTrot is a syndicated comic strip created by Bill Amend that has been published since 1988. It focuses on the titular Fox family consisting of parents Roger and Andy along with their three children Peter, Paige and Jason.

May 23, 1996

Jason drinks a lot of tap water after reading that the human body consists of 90% water.

May 25, 2001

Paige aces a test by literally claiming each question was a piece of cake.

August 30, 2002

Paige gorges on fortune cookies until she finds one proclaiming good news about her school year.

March 29, 2003

Jason and Marcus round out their spring break by drinking too much soda.

July 26-30, 2004

Peter gains weight from eating too much pizza on all you can eat pizza night.

February 5, 2005

Jason and Marcus simulate Pac Man by eating snowballs.