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Dragon Ball is a manga series written and drawn by Akira Toriyama, which ran in regular publication from November 1984 to May 1995. An anime series based on the manga was also created, running from February 1986 to April 1989. Other anime series, such as Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super, tell original stories, not adapted from the manga.

The series primarily focuses on the mystical items known as Dragon Balls, which have the power to summon the dragon Shenlong and grant the user any one wish, and the many people and forces who seek that power.



Cover of Volume 1 (Viz release)

The Dragon Ball manga was created by Akira Toriyama, and was originally run from 1984 to 1995. It was collected in 42 volumes. While the anime was split into two series (Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z), the original manga contained the entire story.

The story follows Son Goku, a young man who is obsessed with getting stronger. During his adventures, he encounters many different friends and foes.

The High Price of Education (Volume 2, Chapter 24)

Master Roshi directs Goku to his fridge absentmindedly while watching TV, leaving Goku to completely devour the week's worth of food he had available.

Son Goku vs Kuririn!! (Volume 11, Chapter 125)

During their fight in the Tenkaichi Budokai, Kuririn knocks Goku down to the ground hard during an aerial battle, but Goku lands on his feet and counter attacks with a kick. To dodge it, Kuririn sucks up as much as he could, ballooning himself just enough to slow his descent and dodge Goku's kick.

The Weirdo with the Ball (Volume 12, Chapter 138)

Goku stumbles upon Yajirobe's giant cooked fish and proceeds to eat the entire thing.

Karin's Quandary (Volume 13, Chapter 150)

Not knowing that a single Senzu bean is enough to fully sate him, Yajirobe senselessly eats several handfuls of them.

Do Your Best with Kaiō-sama, Dead Son Goku!(Volume 18, Chapter 211)

Goku stuffs himself with King Kai's cooking while on his planet.

Cell, Driven to the Wall (Volume 35, Chapter 411)

After Cell regurgitates Android 18, he is no longer able to keep his perfect form. Out of anger, he initiates his own self-destruction. He begins charging up enough energy to destroy Earth.

The End of the Cell Games (Volume 35, Chapter 412)

With seconds left before Cell's destruction, Goku uses the Instant Transmission technique to warp himself and Cell to King Kai's planet, where the explosion cannot harm Earth.

The Demon Beast Yakon’s Feast (Volume 38, Chapter 451)

Yakon is Goku's opponent on Stage Two on Babidi's ship. Babidi transports the Z-Warriors to Yakon's home planet of darkness, where he thinks Yakon has the advantage. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan to illuminate the room, but Yakon inhales the light energy, forcing Goku to return to normal. To defeat Yakon, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan once more, despite the Kaiōshin's protests, forcing Yakon to consume more light than he can handle. Yakon inflates to a large size before exploding.

Anime (Dragon Ball)

Dragon Ball anime logo

The Dragon Ball anime was originally broadcast in Japan from 1986 to 1989. It is an animated adaptation of the Dragon Ball manga by Akira Toriyama. However, it is not a direct adaptation, as filler scenes were added, to fix pacing issues and to make sure that the anime did not pass the manga, which ran alongside the anime. The anime covered chapters 1 to 194 of the original manga.

Goku's Rival (E14)

The anime's adaptation of Chapter 24.

Goku vs. Krillin (E95)

Anime adaptation of chapter 125.

Mark of the Demon (E104)

The anime's adaptation of Chapter 138.

Conquest and Power (E114)

The anime's adaptation of Chapter 150.

Goku's Traffic Safety (Special)

Goku eats all the food at Bulma's birthday party, leaving nothing for everyone else.

Anime (Dragon Ball Z)

Dragon Ball Z Logo

After the Dragon Ball anime finished its run, the sequel anime series, Dragon Ball Z aired in its place. In Japan, Dragon Ball Z ran from 1989 to 1996, and it covered chapters 195 to 519 of the original manga.

Defying Gravity (E19)

Anime adaptation of chapter 211.

Get Vegeta! (E42)

Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu take a break from training with King Kai and eat all of his food.

Wild Enthusiasm on Dai Kaiō’s Planet!! Goku Stirs Up a Whirlwind (E197)

During the filler Otherworld Tournament arc, the fighter Froug goes up against Maraikoh. Froug attempts to win via ring-out by inflating himself and pushing Maraikoh out of the ring. However, Maraikoh's sheer strength is enough to lift Froug and throw him out of the ring.

Next Up, Goku (E223)

The anime adaptation of chapter 451.

Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT logo

Dragon Ball GT is an anime-only sequel to Dragon Ball Z. Akira Toriyama had little involvement in this series, and it is generally considered non-canon.

The Revival Of Super Saiyan 4 With Everyone's Powers... (E38)

After Majuub transforms himself into chocolate, he is eaten by Golden Oozaru Baby. Majuub manages to reverse his transformation when inside of Baby, weakening Baby by expanding him from the inside. This gives Goku the opportunity to regain his strength.

The Mightiest of Foes!? The Dragon Who Uses a Horrible Dirty Trick! (E49)

The Two-Star Dragon (Haze Shenron in the dub) is one of the Shadow Dragons created by the negative energy built up by the overuse of Earth's Dragon Balls. He is the first Shadow Dragon encountered by Goku and Pan. Physically, he is the weakest of the Shadow Dragons.

At the beginning of their fight, Haze Shenron "powers up" by inhaling a large amount of air. Goku warns Pan that Haze may be getting ready to transform into a powerful being, but it turns out that he can't transform.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Key visual

Dragon Ball Super is an original anime, with its basic plot written by the original Dragon Ball author, Akira Toriyama. It takes place approximately four years after the defeat of Majin Buu, but before the ending of Dragon Ball Z. It was originally broadcast from 2015 to 2018.

A Saiyan's Vow! Vegeta's Resolve! (E112)


Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

When the character use the jump button for the second time, some of them will float and keep on air like in the series, others will decend to the floor slowly, in this case, Krillin makes a reference to DB Ep.95 while he keeps inflated until his feets touch the ground.

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