Creator/Developer Jim Jinkins
Production company(s) Jumbo Pictures
Ellipse Programmé (1991-1994)
Walt Disney Television Animation (1996-1999)
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run August 11, 1991 - January 2, 1994 (Nickelodeon)
September 7, 1996 - June 26, 1999 (Disney)
Genre(s) Comedy-drama


Episodes featuring expansion 2/117
Expansion instances 4
Expansion types featured Weight gain
Doug is a Nickelodeon cartoon series created by Jim Jinkins for 52 episodes between 1991 and 1994. The show revolves around Doug Funnie, an imaginative 11½ year old boy who is one of the only people in his world with natural skin color, who lives his life in his new hometown and writes in his journal about many of his experiences.

In 1996, Jinkins' Jumbo Pictures was accquired by The Walt Disney Company, resulting in a new series produced by Walt Disney Television. Though it finished with more episodes, and a feature film, it did not recieve the same following as the Nickelodeon series.

Doug Tips the Scales (Nickelodeon S04E03b)

Doug is invited to a party complete with a swimming pool, but he cannot come unless he has lost the weight he has recently gained from visiting his grandma.

Doug's Chubby Buddy (Disney S02E03)

Patti Mayonnaise fears that she might be gaining weight. At one point, she imagines herself growing very fat.

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