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Dawn of the Croods is a series created by DreamWorks Animation and is shown on Netflix. It stars the characters of the 2013 film The Croods, taking place before its events, with the other cave people they once lived with.

Mom Genes (S01E08)

Ugga becomes addicted to hunting, leaving the family with a huge surplus of meat. Later in the episode, Thunk is swallowed by his new pet.

Lerk Was The Night (S03E05b)

Lerk devours the the entire Crood family's meal becoming very briefly stuffed

Super Smash Siblings (S03E10a)

Munk appears stuffed after visiting Ugga and Grug

Wrestlebabia: The Musical (S04E03)

Gran appears stuffed after she eats fruit that she keeps getting as a result of Sandy winning wrestling matches.

Tunnel Of Terror (S04E06a)

Lerk and Eep eat a live 'Monkwawa' offscreen

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