Danny Phantom is a 2004 American animated series produced by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon, focusing on the adventures of Danny Fenton, a teenager with ghost powers, as he defends his hometown of Amity Falls from various marauding ghouls.

Doctor's Disorders (S02E02)

Villainous ghost Penelope Spectra attempts to use Danny's half-human DNA to create a physical form. The plan backfires when Danny tricks her into absorbing his fat father's DNA instead, all before turning into a booger monster since it has a handkerchief that contained the DNA.

The Ultimate Enemy (S02E04-5)

In an alternate future, Danny's foe Ember "goes to seed" after her vocal cords are damaged at the hands of Danny's evil counterpart.

Identity Crisis

There is a brief expansion scene where a little robot on Danny's computer tells Danny that the hard drive is full.

Masters of All Time (S02E16)

Danny's friend Tucker has a distended belly after a gorging session at a fast food restaurant.

Kindred Spirits (S02E17)

When Danny's cousin Danielle Fenton stops by, she is stuffed from the food that Danny brings her.

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