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Cutie Honey is a manga series created by Go Nagai that originally lasted from October 1973 to April 1974 with an anime series produced in between, but has developed popularity as well as numerous follow-ups and spin-offs. The name of the manga is the superheroine alias of an android named Honey Kisaragi; this character is known to be the first female protagonist in a shonen manga.

Heaven (Re: Cutie Honey, part 1)

Cutie Honey leaves hundreds of bowls empty, appearing realistically stuffed in the process.

Svelty commercial

Svelty - Cutie Honey (2012, 日本)00:31

Svelty - Cutie Honey (2012, 日本)


Honey, in the style of the 70's anime series, has gained weight and is advised about Svelty diet products from two live-action viewers.

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