Cow and Chicken intertitle

Cow and Chicken is an American animated series created by David Feiss and ran on Cartoon Network. The pilot appeared in What a Cartoon! and gained popularity. It was originally attached to I Am Weasel, which became its own series. The show follows the surreal adventures of Cow and Chicken, who are somehow biological sister and brother. They often get caught up in the scams of the Red Guy, who uses multiple personas.

Confused (S01E04a)

Crash Dive! (S01E06a)

Happy Meat (S01E06b)

Lawnmower Chicken (S01E11a)

Super Cow Fat - Lawnmower Chicken01:14

Super Cow Fat - Lawnmower Chicken

Stay Awake (S02E13b)

Chicken Lips (S03E08a)

Invisible Cow (S03E13a)

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