Confused dot com 5 is a British price comparison website, founded in 2001, that is part of the Admiral Group.

From September 2010 to May 2013, it used a mascot named Cara Confused, a squiggly-haired woman who represents the character on the logo. Animated by Hornet in New York, she is a singer who has covered three classic songs, YMCA more prominently, and is often shown with a large woman named Bertha and a dog named Fenton. This advertising campaign has been criticized for its excessively sexual images and irritating songs, leading to a replacement in June 2013 with a robot named Brian.


When Cara tells the viewer why the internet is "the most important invention of the 21st century", she uses it to check the status of her ex-husband, who grows fat without her.


Confused - Trees (2011, UK)


In this advert, Cara complains about the rising stakes of home and car insurance, home insurance being 9% and car insurance being 37%. Cara compares this to gaining weight, bloating up and pulling an exercising bike from her pocket, rushing the weight off in a couple of seconds, as a visual metaphor for "doing something about it".

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