Condorito: The Movie is an upcoming Chilean Movie on CGI format based on the popular comic of the same name created and written by Pepo

The movie as the Comics and TV Series is focused on Condorito, an anthropomorphic condor who lives in Cumpeo City, Chile, and has some crazy adventures certainly focused on daily life jokes, parodies of The Simpsons, The Avengers, El Chavo, and others. Along with his nephew Cone, his dog Washington, his girlfriend Yayita, his eternal rival Pepe Cortisona and his childhood best friends Don Chuma, Huevo Duro, Garganta de Lata, Ungenio Gonzales and others.

A cockroach bloats himself by drinking some "Tome Pin y Haga Pun" soda after he makes some trouble to Condorito, the cockroach keeps drinking until he explodes.

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