Clifford Puppy Days
Clifford's Puppy Days
is an animated cartoon series that ran on PBS from September 2003 to October 2004. The show is a prequel series of the original Clifford the Big Red Dog cartoon, with this series taking place when Clifford was living in a city apartment as a young puppy, before he grew as tall as he is known to be. Despite continuing the Clifford legacy further, the show had very low ratings and was subsequently canceled, making very few airings since.

Clifford's Magic Lamp (S02E02b)

Jorge imagines himself feasting on piles and piles of Mexican food, including a mountain of tacos.

The Cookie Crumbles (S02E12b)

Clifford and Jorge snack on the loose cookies that fall off the table. When the kids start making more cookies faster, more cookies fall onto the floor, causing the dogs to get stuffed.

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