Bonkers Titlecard
Creator/Developer Robert Taylor
Production company(s) Walt Disney Television Animation
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run September 4, 1993 - February 23, 1994
Genre(s) Comedy
Episodes featuring expansion /65
Expansion instances
Expansion types featured Air inflation
Weight gain

Bonkers is a Disney animated series created by Robert Taylor, Duane Capazzi and Bruce Talkington that aired from September 1993 to February 1994. Spinning off from the He's Bonkers! segments on Raw Toonage, the show depicts Bonkers as a policeman working for the Hollywood PD's Toon Division after being fired from acting business due to low ratings.

Bobcat Fever

Bonkers gets inflated from inside due to a person inside of him.
Bonkers inflation00:27

Bonkers inflation

Get Me to the Church on Time

Tanya Trunk water inflation00:15

Tanya Trunk water inflation

5x04c Чокнутый Bonkers05:55

5x04c Чокнутый Bonkers

Tanya Trunk water inflation-200:15

Tanya Trunk water inflation-2

Tanya Trunk drinks water from a fire hydrant which results in herself water inflated to take out a fire from a building.

Hand over the Dough

The Stork Exchange

In Toons We Trust

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