Ben 10

Ben 10 is an franchise created by Man of Action (Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle) for Cartoon Network, consisting of four separate animated series, five live-action movies and eight video games, starting off as an animated series that begun in 2005. It focuses on the adventures of Ben Tennyson as he travels the country with his grandfather and cousin, battling evil using an alien watch (the Omnitrix) that allows him to transform into different creatures.

The Big Tick (S02E02)

When Ben turns into Cannonbolt the second time, the transformation sequence shows him expanding. This is also used in Benwolf and Don't Drink the Water.

Game Over (S03E06)

While trapped in a video game, Gwen is transformed into a sumo wrestler by magic water when she answers the riddle needed to proceed to level 13.

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