Baki the Grappler
Creator/Developer Keisuke Itagaki
Production company(s) Group TAC
Country(s) of origin Japan
Original run January 8, 2001 - December 24, 2001
Genre(s) Action
Martial arts
Episodes featuring expansion 1/24
Expansion instances 1
Expansion types featured Stuffing

Baki the Grappler (or Grappler Baki) is a shonen manga series created by Keisuke Itagaki. It was followed by three sequels. It also received an OVA and two anime series. The original story follows Baki Hanma, who trains to become the strongest martial arts fighter in the world and defeat his father, Yujiro Hanma.

The Beast of Yasha Crag (S01E03)

Baki stuffs himself as part of his training to fight the Yasha Ape again.

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