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Archie is an ongoing comic book franchise created by John L. Goldwater that first began in 1942, the Archie story being published in an issue of Pep Comics in December 1941.

The Archie comics are set in Riverdale and focus on the life of teenager Archie Andrews, as well as his friends Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle and Jughead Jones.

Fat Chance (Betty and Veronica Spectacular Giant #145, 1967)

Veronica has a nightmare where she appears to be gaining so much weight from eating chocolate that she floats like a balloon.

Burgers or Bust! (Jughead #185, 1970)

Jughead faces the consequences from having dozens of hamburgers, but this happens to be a nightmare.

Weigh Out Scene (Life With Archie #95, 1970)

Archie seems to have gained weight after making fun of portly Stanley, and is constantly mocked himself, but just like the last two stories, it is all a nightmare. Archie tells his friends all about it, leading to Stanley being treated like an ordinary friend.

Fat Chance (Archie's Joke Book Magazine #273, 1980)

Photo Flair (Jughead's Double Digest Magazine #92, 2003)

Jughead has a bloated belly after eating a lot while getting photos for Betty.

Testy Taste (Jughead's Double Digest Magazine #92, 2003)

Jughead drinks ten cases of hamburger-flavored soda, which everyone except him thinks is disgusting.

Something Ventured, Something Gained (Archie's Pal Jughead #200, 2010)

Jughead makes a deal with Darlene, a witch disguised as waitress for a new diner, which trades his metabolism for "paradise on a bun". It is when Jughead has gained a lot of weight that Archie's friends try and get his metabolism back.

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