Almost naked animals title card

Almost Naked Animals is a Canadian animated series made by Noah Z. Jones, debuting in 2011. It features a dog named Howie, who is the manager of a hotel called the Banana Cabana. Together with his crew, they go on crazy and unusual adventures.

What Would Batty Do? (S01E02a)

Howie blows up Batty while trying to give him CPR.

Keep On Monster Truckin (S01E03b)

Howie tries to block a water pipe with his mouth.

Cat's Nine Lives (S01E23b)

After Howie agrees to be Cat's bodygaurd, he begins by taste-testing every sandwich Piggy hands cat, a process that leaves Howie very fat.

Big bodygaurd howie

Champion Gurgitator (S01E20b)

Howie is filled with watermelons after Yeti sabotages his training.

Howie's Trance Romance (S02E08a)

Narwhal hypnotizes Octo, Bunny, and Piggy into making him endless amounts of peanut-butter-jelly sandwiches.

The Big Burp Theory (S03E02a)

Howie accidentally drinks an old can of super carbonated Captain Fizzy's Orange Soda, which causes his belly to expand during the show.