All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series
All Dogs Go to Heaven - The Series (title card)
Creator/Developer Don Bluth
Production company(s) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Animation
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run September 21, 1996 - November 6, 1998
Genre(s) Drama
Episodes featuring expansion 2/40
Expansion instances 2
Expansion types featured Air Inflation, Stuffing

All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series is a continuation to the All Dogs Go to Heaven animated film franchise, originally created by Don Bluth, that aired from September 1996 to November 1998. Partly following the events of All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, while leaving out some of the continuity, the series centers around the spirit of a deceased dog named "Charlie" B. Barkin and his many adventures with his best friend and partner Itchy Itchiford.

Will Sucess Spoil Itchy Itchiford (S1E11)

Itchy Inflation

History of All Dogs (S03E04)

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