6Teen Logo
Creator/Developer Jennifer Pertsch
Tom McGillis
Production company(s) Nelvana
Fresh TV
Country(s) of origin Canada
Original run November 7, 2004 - February 11, 2010
Genre(s) Family
Episodes featuring expansion 4/93
Expansion instances 4
Expansion types featured Stuffing
Weight gain
6teen is an animated Canadian sitcom targeted to children and teenagers, created by Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis with a four-season run from 2004 to 2010. The show follows a group of sixteen-year-olds and their part-time jobs and weekly life in shopping mall.

Over Exposed (S02E23)

Jude's addiction to Burger McFlipster's fries pays off when he becomes stuffed from eating too many of them. Wyatt drags him out of the restaurant. He later vomits from them.

Girlie Boys (S02E26)

6teen season 2 epiode 26 girlie boys part 2 2

6teen season 2 epiode 26 girlie boys part 2 2


Caitlin gorges herself on chocolate with a plus-size co-worker, and does not realize that she has gained weight until she tries her jeans on. Upset, her friends help her buy some jeans that fit until she exercises.

Snow Jobs (S02E27)

Jude chugs coleslaw.

Selling Out To The Burger Man (S03E03)

Jude is shown bloated after eating a bunch of food with sea monkeys on it.